The wolves are alive and well. I have a white wolf inside me. We took their lands. Now some idiots want to kill them. I am Native, Brit, Welsh and Irish. Yay to The King County Judge, smart man. Stupid humans


I notice an increase in Air Traffic and touch and go's. Drop gasoline on us.


Let's show our visitors a good time. Rock on Moses Lake

Growth is good, so is old fashioned hospitality...

The jets are very loud there. Stunning place to live. I am sure Audiologist's are in demand in Oak Harbor.

Thank You for this post. Many Grant County residents have Lung disease and cannot afford filters. Smoke can overwhelm these residents. Many are Senior citizens and live in poverty.

Best management practices for lakes You can help keep your lake healthy by taking the following steps: Maintain your septic system Manage waterfowl Use recommended landscape practices Control runoff and soil erosion Reduce or eliminate use of fertilizers Properly dispose of pet wastes Was…

Due to a lack of funding, we have a toxic lake. Testing should be mandatory.