Leftist Simps

Must be nice to say "it's your problem, you fix it" I wash my hands of it, well except to count masks and fine you!

Idiot Inslee at it again.

Can you imagine people actually going out and counting how many are "not" wearing masks. What a bunch of buffoons!

Where have you been? Work release over with?

you voting for Biden? what does that say about you dumb ass.

Look at you....still hateful as ever. I'm guessing you are one of two kinds of people. A fat white 3rd wave feminist woman who hates the color of her skin or a skinny ANTIFA soy boy raised by women.

I knew you were one of those Anime perverts

Welcome to Jay Inslee's leftist America. Vote this clown out!

Absolutely nothing new on this menu accept the name of the copied items. Why dont they just say they have picked items off other menu's that have been our favorites.

JohnQsuckers....stop with the multi-account comments. We all know you have no friends here and your ideology has been exposed for the fraud it is. Portland was a better place for you wasnt it?

See everyone, JohnQ leftist gives a typical response, blaming everyone for the very things he/she and they do. Enjoy the colon candy.