Did you graduate from MLSH?

Imagine being so deep in the conspiracy media hole that you think even ifiber is in on some secret scheme.

It was stopped in better run countries. Maybe they used magic.

Biden will "destroy" the economy, deslite it growing year after year while he was in the white house as VP. LOL.

Trumptards are deranged.

Yes, the mentally unstable new york celebrity that pretended to be a republican is going to save the nation. Trumptards crack me up.

Its cute when the shit posting trolls interact with each other.

Hey JohnQ, I'm curious as to your theory that these wildfires somehow prove there is a God, can you expand your idea a bit?

Not really. That's what the Senate is for. Rural hicks get a massively out sized say in how our national government is run already. The national leader, like in every other real country, should be the pure result of popular vote.

Trump and his cult followers are often projecting what they themselves do and think. Can't wait to see that orange clown fired.

History won't look kindly on the Trump era. I imagine all his current fanatical followers will slowly cease to exist, rewriting the history in their heads. Like how back in 2003, most of the US was convinced that Iraq had WMDs and needed an invasion, where as today, its hard to find anyon…