Oh Really

Night Bruce.

JBC. Thanks for the entertaining day.

Didn't say I don't choose sides. Your words not mine.

Your opinion. So glad to know you know me so well. Thanks for the insight into who I am. All this time I didn't realize because I won't walk in lock step with one side or the other that I was sitting on the sidelines. Is this a football game? A soccer game? Oh, from what you make me think…

Leftist. Have been called lots of things, but never sheltered. Do you know the beliefs of every you tube video? You are gonna believe what serves your purpose. I have no interest in defending violence or destruction. It is wrong on every level, but I have found it is never a good idea to …

If you ask the people of those cities. Not right or left wing media, the whole cities aren't burning or being looted. It is a small portion. But that doesn't make as big of a story. Before you jump....any burning and looting is unacceptable.

Have a good evening. Time to hook up your IV so you can get your evening dose of fox news🙂

Do you listen to Trump? Or do you out your fingers in your ears or turn down the sound so you can make up what he is saying to suit your ideology? You should step out of your bubble from time to time. You'd be shocked that the world that exists out there is filled with a lot of good peopl…

Ok Leftist. First of all please don't put me in a group. Other than American. Thank you for your service. Agree with much of what you said.

Not what I said. White supremisists are bad for the country. Before you call what I said asinine, read it without the preconceived notion you know what I mean even though I didn't write it.