Old Bulldog

Great work Moses Lake Tactical Response Team! Another potential tragic ending resolved without incident.

Maybe he should have thought about this before he took the extended leave of absence to run for Governor. This has been a long time coming in Republic.

Good luck Sheriff McCumber supervising Culp!

Good man and the right leader for the job.

Why don't you just go away Inslee? Nobody really pays attention to what you have to say anymore. You had such great insight on Seattle's Chaz, Amazon and now Boeing leaving our state.

Thank you Rowes. This is why I do business with you.

What a great and deserving gesture. Thank you Ellensburg.

Elliot Goodrich: "“If anyone tries to alter this plan again like this, I’m going to be very disappointed,” Goodrich said. He added he was “saddened by the board’s decision." Really Elliot, how dare anyone alter a plan? Did you forget about the school bond plan for a second high school whi…

Another example of great work by the Moses Lake Police Department. This would have been easy for the investigating officer to label as being a civil matter, and do nothing. It's comforting to know that our police department is truly a service oriented law enforcement agency and understand…

I'm really sick and tierd of all the hate.

Thank you Mr. Dano and County Commissioners. You are the first local elected officials to finally speak up and support our law enforcement. The voices of our state and federal representatives have gone silent during this absurd, misguided and dangerous movement of defunding law enforcemen…