Old Bulldog

Sometimes I wonder if Mr. Goodrich ever thinks before he speaks. Perhaps we should also reimburse those dedicated teachers who have corrected papers and creating lesson plans, over and above their normal work hours. Most of our teachers have been doing this for years. Have a clue Elliot!

Some of the comments in this blog absolutely astounds me! The suspect was wanted for robbery, fled from police officers (placing the general public and officers at risk), was armed with a deadly weapon, intended to kill a highly trained K9, and would have likely utilized the weapon to kil…

Try your aggressive confrontational behavior with the local law enforcement in Mexico, and let me know how it goes Gavin. Will be interesting to see how this ends.

This guy deserves exactly what he got.

Completely different set of circumstances JohnQPublic.

Lets keep this allegation in proper perspective without rushing to judgement. These are allegations (posted on social media) which have not been proven as factual, at this time. If, after a full and complete investigation the allegations prove to be true, those responsible should be held …

This offender got off light. Very disappointed. Under no circumstances is it OK to assault a police officer!

Acarter64. You are pathetic.

The ridiculous waste of our State's resources continue, in an attempt to advance Inslee's and Ferguson's political agenda, no accountability.

Mr. Ferguson: I'm sick and tired of you grandstanding and trying to gain national attention at the expense of the Washington tax payers. Our Governor has already tapped us out. You are both disgusting !!!