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Or, perhaps they could be allowed to live? Tranquilizer darts would allow for a full disease test. Arguing over who gets to kill them is kinda sick.

Yep. Still a haven for conservative brain dead trolls. I'll check back next month. It's been fun.

Ahmaud Arbery. Now shut the fuck up.

And what is the ratio of whites to blacks in the US? Or is that number per capita.

No, I love my country, but thanks for asking. And the fact that the aggregate wealth of a racial group is high says nothing about whether they are oppressed.

Wow, you are sixteen words away from making sense.

Depends on where they say it, doesn't it? In modern Johannesburg? Sure, it would make sense. In any place where people are oppressed just for being White, it would make sense. Are you oppressed for being White in the US?

Why is that dumb? It's pretty clear to most of us that there are still cases where Black folks are killed simply for being Black. I don't think you can say the same for White folks. So yeah---if Black lives don't matter to many Americans then no--all lives DON'T matter. "All" includes Black.

No. Absolutely not. Show me a case where this happened.