Sagacious Lu

Masks keep an infected person from giving it to you or your family. That is the purpose. The original guidance from the CDC was given to preserve the inadequate supplies that we had of PPE materials - see their update on April 3rd for more in this.

Do you also think it's okay for pe…

Reasonable and welcome given the disregard for the safety of others shown by many in recent days. At this time less than 20% have been infected in places like herd immunity does not exist. Want to know more? Check out what happened to the 1919 Stanley Cup Finals.

People are letting their guard down. This is a marathon, folks. I experienced outbreaks overseas of other diseases and the same reasonable rules apply, as the viruses do not care about your age, faith, political beliefs, etc..

Our electronic borders seem to be wide open to government-sanctioned gangs from Nigeria, Russia, N. Korea, China, etc.. Our citizens and institutions are being attacked with substantial losses on a daily basis...and what is the Administration doing?

Does he object to the tyrannical government demanding his employees wash their hands or that he store food properly? I hope he doesn't have one of those "no shoes, no shirts, no service" signs on his place.

Please wear a life jacket. A guy I worked with was turning his boat close to shore, no jacket, fell, hit his head on the boat...and that was it.

I am no fan of Bitcoin but if people want to mine it and pay the right price for their electricity so be it...I agree about the artificially low rates for the irrigation pumps.

Good reasons to be cautious. I don't know why THEY would want restrictions that hurt everyone, but I do know this - I made it through hepatitis A, Malaria Vivax, and a whole bunch of nasty intestinal diseases while serving the USA overseas because I followed the advice of medical professi…

A reasonable plan.

Plenty of money for big companies with no strings attached, a lot less for small businesses. Small Business trump supporters - you've been bamboozled.