That is truly messed up. I am very sorry for your loss and pray for a speedy recovery for you both. God bless you for your effort to survive. Your little one was called home because God has other plans for him. I realize that is very little comfort.

@opinion.. Sounds as if you watch quite often.

@opinion.. If somebody was shooting at me, I'd shoot back also. And perhaps you should also do some research on K9 training before you start spewing half-truths and lies. And you never know, someday saving your life may depend on the actions of a K9 and it's human partner, heaven forbid (…

@LetsBReal... Amen buddy. Amen.

@opinion... Whatever.... What..did I hit a nerve?? Did I get a little too close to the truth there?? You like to talk crap about law enforcement and EVERYBODY else, but what you are really doing is just self-projecting. It's all about YOU, isn't it? Sorry buddy, but it's time to come out …

@opinion... Yea..whatever.

I think you all should just stop taking "quotes" from some fairytale story book, it doesn't do much for your credibility.

@ opinion...who said ANYTHING about taking someone to a town square and beating them into UNCONSCIOSNESS until they confess??? And how would they be able to confess if they were beat into UNCONSCIOSNESS??? Are you just projecting your own wants and desires to have happen at this juncture?…

While I am sorry for your loss, your son would most likely still be alive today had he NOT shot at a cop and his partner. And just because you don't hear the dog cry out until after the third shot in no way proves your son didn't shoot first, it just means his first 2 shots missed.

I support the ranchers and their right to raise livestock and make a living, but I wouldn't plant a wheat farm on a flood plain. Ergo, I wouldn't start a ranch in a top predator's back yard and then blame them for the predation. The wolves are just doing what nature has taught them to do.