Damn straight! It seems that the racists are the very people talking down to Caucasians about white "privilege". It needs to stop, people of every color have privileges and hardships throughout their lives.

I think you should leave the Tax Preparation and Security articles to the Journal of Accountancy, AICPA and the State Boards!

[thumbup] Thank you, President Trump!

This must be news to all the people in the tax prep industry that have been dealing with the rise in ID theft the last ten years! You guys should publish a story that suggests how fire fighters and cops can do their jobs better next!

These aren't native wolves. These wolves were reintroduced back in the late 1990 or early 2000's. The farmers and ranchers had done a great job eradicating these pests in the last 100 years and then the government brings the worthless creatures back. I hope the last wolf "disappears" befo…

You think a real journalist would actually obtain the link to the gofund me page and add it to the story. I thought ifiber could do better, but apparently the world and herald still reign supreme.

Damn straight!

This is good news all the way around. It is about time we look at legal immigrant applicants with what they can provide to the country that they will be a part of. Great job, President Trump!

It really took this long? This deputy should have been cleared before the POS he shot even had his hole dug!

Washington state has some very low IQ elected officials. Glad those morons don't represent me anymore!