The Rural Racist

A shame. Couldn't stick around long enough to see Trump sentenced to prison.

Gee, 210,000 other Americans won't be alive to see it either. Let's make it sure it happens, for their sake.

Identifying anti-mask traitors for assignment to re-education camps, where they will mine silica for solar panels.

The Rural Racist commented on Wenatchee Pier 1 Imports finally closes

Did you enjoy yourself? Here's a Kleenex, you spurted a little on your cheek.

You shouldn't waste it, though. The mud people are out-breeding us, and one day soon this magnificent White Christian Nation will be overrun -- unless we can make ALL of them "illegals." Just pretending wo…


When is the worthless idiot mayor Paul Worley going to DO SOMETHING about the lawlessness in Quincy? This is obviously ANTIFA conducting a rehearsal, and yet the chickensh*t mayor hides like a coward. The dupes think it's "the mexicans" while city is doing NOTHING to protect citizens from…

A president who speaks of shooting people in the street — who elevates those who threaten to shoot people in the street — cannot be separated from the individual who does, eventually, shoot people in the street.





1. Something showy but worthless.

2. Nonsense or rubbish.

3. Deceit; fraud; trickery.