Ah! Like the New Deal! Dams. Hydroelectricity. Roads. Infrastructure. Farmer relief. All of the things that made America great! And a far better use of federal funds than the much-hated Welfare program, right?

@JQP Thanks for the laugh-out-loud comment! I just might make a Masks off for Jesus bumper sticker. Don't worry, I'll give the proper attribution (in small print).

By the way, why should one fear God? I though God was supposed to be loving.

Wonder if there were any DNR contractors involved...

@Cheb I don't know why you bother, but I REALLY enjoy the banter. Maybe some day you'll get through to somebody, so keep it up!

@Desert Dweller: What are you so worked up about? Quote... "Parents would also be able to opt their students out of the lessons, which for elementary school students would last one hour every school year."

Plus, there's also home schooling. I've personally known people that home sch…

@guest6 What is wrong with you? Don't stoop to that level, it's unbecoming. Unless you're an agent provocateur?

Ah, I realized I wasn't clear in my comment about the media. They're blowing the protest and riots out of proportion, not the pandemic.

It's fascinating that an article about the pandemic immediately turns into a political slugfest. It's ironic that the very people that accuse others of acting hysterical are, in fact, the ones being hysterical. I'll give y'all a dated example so as not to fan the current flames.

20 …