Wash girl

Understandable that some of the teachers will feel intimidated by the virus and concerned for possible at risk family members and or close friends they are in contact with considering the exposure to many students , so I do feel that they need not be on the payroll if they cannot commit t…

Trump is only pro openings on everything for his political gain . Simple . He is not concerned in the least for the average citizen. Any simple minded person can see that . I am extremely impressed with having a governor to stand up to a bully . Trump is a narcissistic creature. He couldn…

Don’t you dare label me a hypocrite for labeling a convicted child molester!

Talk facts , not your bible , holier than thou spouting. He was incarcerated for a heinous crime ,that because our government couldn’t give him the proper punishment he deserved, nature took him in a kinder…

Not worth noting . Too kind was the choice of his fate . Not deserving of free health care on my tax dollars.

Repeat offender for rest of his life . Tax dollars out the door ‼️ The revolving door

Such a wonderful group of people! This is indeed a dent in our agricultural community!

Frightening to our local economic structure. Such as it is all over The United States with our Essential Food production.

Great job by Adams County Deputies!

Thank You!

City Homeless Sub Committee eh?

Why not mix that in with a little common sense for proper measure?