The govt. is clearly above the law in this case. YOU can be sued but not the govt..

All religious fanatics wish to impose their beliefs on others. Christianity is no different than any of the others.

Thank you Sheriff Jones for not being part of the tyranny.

Just more proof that Inslee hates Washingtonians and all Americans. He's trying to align himself with the Marxists that have gained a modicum of power over the years so as to run for POTUS. He's an embarrassing failure!

Sounds like this bully needs a lesson. Once again, public schools not protecting the kids.

It's idiots like this guy that should have his guns taken away. Leave my 2A alone though.

Lol! TDS.

America, where your physical abilities will get you a free college ride quicker than academic abilities. Sad!

So much this! I like the quip about "misuse of govt. resources". Like he cares!

I hear the cops had their "machine guns" out.