Oldest BS story on the planet. "I was just cleaning it". I've never cleaned a loaded firearm in my life. He was messing around with it.

Because it would cause a hardship on the family. Lol!

The only thing surprising about Moses Lake's ranking is that it wasn't lower. Moses Lake has gone into the toilet in the last 30 years. It never had all these violent crimes and rampant drug trafficking years ago. What's changed?

Aaaannnd whos gonna pay for this? Why does the govt. always have to try and manipulate the economy? Leave it along, it will sort itself out. And how about we don't get ourselves into another housing debt bubble like back in '08? Politicians, taking money from the working man with their fe…

Lol! Yeah right! Wasn't there a shooting there just this last weekend? Money, jobs good housing or not, gang bangers gonna gang bang. This is just feel good speak, nothing more. A little lull in the action. I've watched Grant County go down the toilet in the last 40+ years I've lived here…

Lol! Just like in this thread, you're losing. Later 'tater!

Nope, we're not having it!

The govt. doesn't have money. It's our money. Something you socialists never understand. You are delusional.

Wow! Makes me wonder how got that old then with your delusions. I'm done feeding the trolls here. YOU are the reason so many great places like CA. are now third world crap holes. And now you want to come to E. WA. and do your dirty Marxist work here. Well, we're not having it.

Lol! Keep dreaming Mr. Millennial. You haven't been around long enough to understand how a Republic works I take it.